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At NYF we are dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible and help you to fully benefit from your purchased product. The Aegis family of client server solutions for the help desk is targeted to heterogeneous IT and customer support environments, and will help corporations to implement a service and support environment to align with business objectives and improve service levels.

"This package has the best layout of any I've seen. Several of our employees have worked on others and like this one the best. We have done extensive customization without the need for programming and this is where the product really excels. We are very satisfied with the product and would strongly recommend this product to my other service business associates."
Philip J. Michel, President, The MAC Companies (USA)

"We just installed version 6.30 of the Aegis Help Desk and are very pleased with the enhancements made to the user interface. Thank you!"
Jean Morrow, FDS Software Quality System Analyst, Telesat (Canada)

"Aegis has facilitated the rapid growth of our Technical Support Services team. Communication and workflow between Technical Support Sites has improved and issues are attended to on an organized stage by stage basis. When a new Technical Support staff member starts I just show them the Aegis desktop shortcut, a few simple steps and they are away logging, editing, and assigning incidents. The after sales support is excellent."
Ivan Bate, Team Leader Technical Support Services, Business Focus IT (Malaysia)

"We would also like to compliment your company on your level of service you are providing. We are very impressed."
Karen McGregor, IT Manager, Insurance Australia Broking (Australia)

"We're very happy with the product thus far .. our implementation of the Service Desk has others within our organisation asking for access. Also the people who look after our billing are now looking at utilising Aegis to collate the billing information in summary form replacing a lot of work in our ERP application. Where some calls were never placed through the Service Desk processes to 'save costs' these people are now recognising the benefits of that the software provides and are routing calls where we want them to be.

"I am impressed at the speed we can implement new facilities with the appropriate configuration changes and I'm extremely impressed by the response of your support team - it's very refreshing to see a commitment of this degree."
Allan Howard, Facilities Manager, Volante Systems (Australia)

"My requirements for a Help Desk solution included: support for multiple users, searchable knowledgebase, call escalation, history of call assignments, user-defined data values and ease of use. Aegis not only met these requirements, it exceeded them. The Explorer-like user interface was instantly familiar and totally customizable via its Data Views, Sorts and Filters. And, the integrated Client and Asset management modules are as feature-rich as many stand-alone products."
William L. Fultz, I.S. Manager, Prolift Industrial Equipment (USA)

"We have been using Aegis to help us manage our internal support desk for over 3 years with great success. This product is simple to install, easy to use, highly customizable and very reliable. With little or no downtime, support is seldom needed but it is always timely and efficient. Thank you for a great product."
Robert Gauthier, IT Manager, Andre-Laurendeau College (Quebec, Canada)

"This version of Aegis is wonderful. It has allowed us to develop a better system for tracking our calls."
Michael Pedder, IT Coordinator, Marketing Information Network (USA)

"The program is so well designed, and so easy to use, as to make sure that client relations will improve. It fulfils the tough demands of our organisation and is well priced."
David Walker, Data Manager, Hunter Area Health Service (Australia)

"We are very pleased with the Aegis product. We found it to be versatile and easily configurable to meet our specific needs. The support is always prompt and helpful."
Jean Cowden, FDS Software Quality System Analyst, Telesat (Canada)

"Love the program. The real thing is much much better than the demo."
Toby Bradley, Network Technician, Pascagoula School District (USA)

"We have been using Aegis for nearly 4 years and have found it to be extremely effective tool in the management of our support desk. Because of this what really pleased me when I was reviewing the latest version was the number of the new features it provided which we were just beginning to look for. It is great to see that the product continues to improve and increase functionality to better meet users needs.
Kathryn Marshall, Senior Support Analyst, Mercury Computer Systems Pty Ltd (Australia)

"Great Product & Value!"
Stan Jacobs, CEO, Stanley Jacobs & Associates (Ireland)

"We have made huge improvements in the service we provide and in our own organisation through using your product."
John Purdie, Application Development Manager, Forté Solutions Limited (New Zealand)

"After reviewing many, many, products, Aegis proved to be acceptable to both us and our clients in both look, feel, and usage. It provides the complete, cost effective solution to our requirements with a standard of support unrivalled by its competitors."
Manjit Sandhu, Professional Services Consultant, Compaq Computer Limited (UK)

"How did we manage without Aegis for all those years? No more lost bits of paper, forgotten problems, unhappy customers! Aegis quickly became an essential member of the Millfield support team. Its user-friendly features allow us to log events quickly and easily, prioritise the workload and build up a detailed history of our response to problems. Aegis is a comprehensive, well-supported, yet very affordable package."
Mike Hodgson, MD, Millfield Computer Systems Limited (UK)

"In our arduous search over the past 9 months for a software package to optimize tracking of the service end of our business, we encountered many overcomplicated, overpriced and inappropriate programs. However, the Aegis program, which has been in use in our office, suits our needs exceptionally. Thank you for helping smooth out our information tracking system. Our search is over."
Tim Wilson, President, Corporate Computer Technologies (USA)

"I would like to take the opportunity to say how pleased I am with the application. I had to customise it quite extensively to use it for our current application but found this very easy to do. It is also very easy to use & very well thought through in terms of functionality."
Margaret Hoskins, Senior Q.A. Analyst, Drake Insurance (UK)

"I will take this opportunity to say that Aegis is serving us very well and your support, both before and after purchase has been exemplary - you have made working with you as easy as if you were in the UK."
Paul Wilson, IT Manager, SMH Associates plc (UK)

"Aegis is doing great for us. This is the best thing that has ever happened to us."
Carl Brune, General Manager, Interconnect Systems (South Africa)

"We have found this product extremely satisfying and currently have approximately eighteen staff members keying and/or responding to incidents logged in a prompt and efficient manner. Due to the in built flexibility of the software, our Help Desk Manager has been able to maintain the data fields as per requirements specific to Health Technologies. All staff have commented on the ease of use of the product resulting in limited training being required. At a senior management level, feedback has been excellent on the quality of reports provided, in particular those that are represented graphically."
Lisa Martin, Customer Services Manager, Health Technologies (Australia)

"Excellent product, perfect for the needs of our organisation."
R. L. Cohen, IT Manager, Standard Bank Unit Trusts Ltd (South Africa)

"Using Aegis has been beneficial to us in that as the manager, I can easily track the status of any given help desk job in terms of follow-up. Implementing Aegis has also meant that we are all working off one system, which also helps in coordination and there is a benefit to our customers.

"While there are currently six users on the system, we foresee the growth to ten users in the near future. This system is far ahead of the one that we were using previously."
Pieter Schutte, Customer Services Manager, Bull Computers (South Africa)

"Aegis gives us the ability to track, monitor and cost our helpdesk activities. It's value for money and has excellent after sales support. Well done!"
Ellen Gallagher, Helpdesk Supervisor, Radius Computing Pty Ltd. (Australia)

"This is the fourth or fifth time (over the past fifteen years of managing support departments) that I have tried a real-time computerised call logging system, and this is the first that I think might actually make it. Congratulations"
Philip Corcoran, Client Services Manager, Syscap Retail System Pty Ltd. (Australia)

"The usability of Aegis through both its fundamental design and the ability to allow administrators to tailor its look and field maskings, coupled with a trouble free installation and a simple upgrade of our existing database minimized the lead time from delivery to the program ‘going live’.

"The support I received whilst setting up the software could not be faulted. All queries were answered in a timely, succinct and very accurate manner."
Will Bentley, Customer Support, SMH Associates plc (UK)

















































































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