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The Aegis family of client server solutions for the help desk is targeted to heterogeneous IT and customer support environments. The Aegis portfolio of products will deliver a web-based customer service solution that encompass the following:

  • Linking customer contact information to trouble ticket and incident service history;
  • Enabling rapid inquiry handling and accurate order entry;
  • Providing sophisticated trouble ticket management capabilities that includes opening, routing, analyzing, correlating, tracking, escalating and closing of trouble tickets, and which also improves the overall trouble report tracking and coordination;
  • Automatic creation of new trouble tickets from web customer support requests received from a website (such as from a form submitted by a visitor of a website), without additional data entry;
  • Providing user and customer access througsh Aegis' web interface. AegisWEB, a component capability that is supplied with Aegis Help Desk and Aegis Defect Tracking, provides the ability for support users and their customers to access using Internet Explorer;
  • Permitting the logging of support requests, use of knowledge bases and faq lists by a customer or internal client;
  • Automate timely delivery of critical information (management reports) by sending to a printer, creating as files, or e-mailing to recipients on a fixed schedule;
  • Automate escalation of requests that had not fulfilled response time levels to better meet customer commitments;
    Providing robust reporting tools and management reports to analyze trends and work loads; and much more.

Using technology to minimize time-to-production, Aegis products have built-in facilities to create data entry and web entry forms easily without development effort. Or simply use the setups we provide, out of the box. Either way, our customers will minimize development, integration, testing and maintenance costs yet creating an infrastructure that is truly unique to their business.

Aegis family of products employs .NET technology. The use of .NET technology reaps such benefits of extensible, scaleable support and provides conformance to a standard platform that will assist in integration with other products in the future.


Aegis Help Desk V6.93 supports Service Level Agreement (SLA) definitions. The SLA feature in Aegis is completely configurable and allows you to define the following SLA Types:

Initial Response Time and Breach Status
Subsequent Response Time and Breach Status
Closed Time and Breach Status

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