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Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements, a contract between a supplier and a customer, defines agreed service level expectations that will help a customer conduct its business in an optimum environment. As such, penalty clauses are often associated with such premium services. In order for a product or service provider to manage to service level agreements, mechanisms must be employed that will provide automatic alerts or notifications that will serve as signs for potential service violations. By collecting information on service level performance, providers can improve on efficiencies over time.


Technology from NYF Systems can help businesses manage to service level agreements. The SLA feature in Aegis is completely configurable and allows you to define the following SLA Types:

  • Initial Response Time and Breach Status
  • Subsequent Response Time and Breach Status
  • Closed Time and Breach Status

For each breach status incident, providers can define personnel to notify, and course of action (such as how to update the incident record when the incident is escalated). For example, if the breach status is 2 Hours To Breach, providers can change the Priority on the Incident record from Low to Medium and send a notification to a user or user group. This gives complete control on SLA notifications.

The SLA capabilities provided by NY Federal also enables providers to define an unliminted number of Client SLAs. This will be used to escalate incidents to specific client’s requirements. This flexibility enables SLAs to be defined to various client requirements, such as a SLA to cover Network Support and another to cover Applications Support.

Our reporting mechanisms provide for tabulated and graphical representation of SLA Breach Status for a given month or any period of time defined.

The Aegis Help Desk client web access facility enables customers to log on to the system using a browser such as Internet Explorer, to initiate support requests and to periodically check progress with around-the-clock convenience. This facility also provides access to valuable knowledge bases that will help to reduce the number of support calls from a client. Web-enabled customer self-care such as those that can be provided by Aegis Help Desk will help customers with instant retrieval of information limited by what you information you allow them to see.

Service Level Agreement capabilities are available as part of Aegis Help Desk product suite. To request for a download trial version of Aegis Help Desk please click here. Our Aegis product portfolio serves companies in telecommunications, banking, healthcare, insurance, automotive, retail industries and more with efficient customer care and post sales support solutions.

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