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Help Desks and K-12 Education

The Business Challenge

K-12 education is being supported by state and federal government efforts to integrate computers and appropriate technology into the educational realm. The goal hopes to combine the advantages of the Internet, and the networking of teachers and students for an accelerated advancement in learning. Internet technology brings about a proliferation of tools and resources that improve the way children are educated, and that which changes the traditional model of primarily instructor-led classroom delivery. In response, schools and districts have made significant purchases of equipment, and installed computers, Local Area Networks (LAN), and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

With this initiative comes a need not unlike that already faced by businesses and corporation in the last two decades: How to provide complex technical support necessary for learning to stay focused on the use of the technology, not fixing it. Teachers are likely to be primary users of support services as they grapple with alternative and electronic means of information delivery.

A second challenge is in the tracking of inventory, not traditionally taken as a critical initiative as school equipment has commonly been of the gym-variety type, and a collection of learning equipment, devices, televisions that are low-cost. But with the high expense of computer equipment, inventory management will be important. Lax control invites theft, and non-reporting of such incidents. Missing assets affects internal auditing purposes, especially if teachers and school administrators cannot be identified as accountable for the loss.

A third challenge is in schools understanding the cost of support. The equipment budget is likely to be allocated mostly to the purchase of the equipment, yet the cost of support over the lifetime of the equipment is likely to be three times more. In a budget-strapped school, the optimal use of technical support resources is even more paramount - needing to service large student populations who have the same issues as their business counterparts.

NYF Response

The funding and implementation of help desks to support schools with technology is recommended to provide the necessary support services to teachers and students. Help Desks and tracking systems such as Aegis Help Desk, will help to lower support costs through efficient management of issues and problem requests.

School technical support staff will be given an effective mechanism to track reported problems and issues, and make use of common occurrences of requests to create frequently asked questions and knowledge databases. The Aegis Help Desk client web access facility will enable teachers and students to log on to the system using a browser such as Internet Explorer, to initiate support requests and to periodically check progress with around-the-clock convenience. This web self-service can deal effectively with common procedures that represent a large part of a support issues reported with little instruction. They will be able to search databases created by the support staff to get a quick response to their support issues by entering appropriate keywords to bring up similar issues reported and recommended resolutions. Furthermore, web front-end technology from Aegis Help Desk enables the school support team to be distributed - whether to work or at the school location, further enabling after-school support. The time saved by teachers and students self-diagnosing and resolving problems potentially save thousands for the school if otherwise provided by a support staff instead.

Aegis Help Desk provides Asset Management control – this helps to keep record asset allocations, components that make up an asset, asset repair service history, support calls for the asset which later translates into a detailed report of costs associated with all the computer equipment of the school - useful for budgetary and finance reporting purposes.

The usage information captured by Aegis Help Desk systems can help schools to track improved responsiveness, the cost of providing the support, and timeliness of response as feedback for continuous improvement initiatives.

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