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Help Desk and Service Event Management

Effective Help Desk and Service Event Management requires excellence in strategic planning, operations and team professionalism. Customer satisfaction rides on their perceived experience in communicating their problem to help desk service providers, and the quality of response that they provide. To perform this effectively help desk service providers need an effective operation implemented - one that considers customer centric requirements, sound strategic planning, and proper procedures in place to execute support optimally.


Technology from NYF Systems can help you to align support processes to deliver an optimum service. This set of capabilities automate many administrative tasks associated with providing support to increase productivity and manage customer care needs. It leaves organizations free to set the policies, work processes and service levels that are unique to their business.

The Aegis Help Desk product suite will implement a shared repository of customer, product and service history information for use by employees across multiple departments. Linkage to customer information, purchase information, post-sales support requests and status of progress helps customer care teams to quickly make decisions that are accurate and consistent, at the same time rendering a prompt service to the customer. Using the easy form designer, customers create unlimited number of data entry forms unique to their requirements, all without programming effort.

Our Service Level Agreements component ensure that incidents that are at risk of exceeding acceptable resolution time as contracted with the customer are automatically prioritized and alerted.

The Aegis Help Desk client web access facility enables customers to log on to the system using a browser such as Internet Explorer, to initiate support requests and to periodically check progress with around-the-clock convenience. Web-enabled customer self-care such as those that can be provided by Aegis Help Desk will help customers with instant retrieval of information limited by what you information you allow them to see. Implemented correctly a web self-service facility from Aegis requires little or no customer orientation and instruction. This alternative delivery method significantly reduces costs for product and service support. Web front-end technology from Aegis Help Desk enables your support team to be distributed, whether they are working at a company location, home, or airport, and does not require a client version to be installed on their computers.

The usage information captured by Aegis Help Desk systems can help you track responsiveness as well as cost of product and service support, to contribute to improvement in services provided to customers.

Deployment of Aegis Help Desk is easy and cost effective. Aegis products are built to grow with your business, as you expand the number of employees using the system, and as you expand on the information you capture. The attributes and reporting mechanisms can easily be tailored to your specific business needs if desired. Additional fields or attributes required can be defined in a few simple steps. Or simply use the setups we provide to immediately see the value of your investment.

To request for a download trial version of Aegis Help Desk please click here. Our Aegis product portfolio serves companies in telecommunications, banking, healthcare, insurance, automotive, retail industries and more with efficient customer care and post sales support solutions.

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