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Providing Post-Product Support Excellence

Post-sales product support are a necessary expense, and the high costs of product support can reduce product margins significantly when managed inefficiently. Effectively resolving customer-reported issues can be a challenge for many product or service companies. Depending on the time it takes to resolve product issues, these can lead to communication problems that can impact customer service. Post-sales product support can also be an opportunity for companies to communicate new product or package offerings which can lead to new sales. Companies providing product support, or service support rely on solutions that can effectively link potential and existing customer information, and product or service information to resolve issues quickly, and keep communication current with the customer. Tools, such as support solutions, help product support staff become more efficient in responding to customer requests and better communicate with customers.


Technology from NYF Systems can help you to provide a cost efficient and effective product or service support. This set of capabilities automate many administrative tasks associated with providing product and service support to increase productivity and manage customer communication.

To ensure customer response times are managed, our solutions provide escalation of incident progress based on a definable interval. Our incident management capabilities ensure trouble tickets are managed to closure, while automatic trouble ticket logging provided by our Aegis E-mail Server module provide a means for customers to enter their support request that gets translated into a trouble ticket into an Aegis system automatically. Linkage to customer information, purchase information, post-sales support requests and status of progress helps your product or service support team to quickly make decisions that are accurate and consistent, at the same time rendering a prompt service to the customer.

Our Service Level Agreements component ensure that incidents that are at risk of exceeding acceptable resolution time as contracted with the customer are automatically prioritized and alerted.

Broadcast message capabilities provided by our solutions enable you to send e-mail messages to your clients or internal users. These messages are personalized with the specific client information, and enables you to quickly and easily notify of new products or fixes, and new offers. When communication is managed timely and effectively, an existing client base presents many opportunities to introduce a company's new offerings.

The asset management component tracks asset allocations, components that make up an asset, asset service history and support calls for each asset.

The client web access facility enables customers to log on to the system using a browser such as Internet Explorer, to initiate support requests and to periodically check progress with around-the-clock convenience. Web-enabled customer self-care such as those that can be provided by Aegis Help Desk will help customers with instant retrieval of information limited by what you information you allow them to see. Implemented correctly a web self-service facility from Aegis requires little or no customer orientation and instruction. This alternative delivery method significantly reduces costs for product and service support. As demand increases, this self-care facility presents a greater benefit in that you may not need to increase support staff – simply obtain additional client web access licenses as you need them and grant new customers online access to submit queries or applications, review status, transactions or records. Furthermore, web front-end technology from Aegis enables your support team to be distributed, whether they are working at a company location, home, or airport, and does not require a client version to be installed on their computers.

Aegis products are built to grow with your business, as you expand the number of employees using the system, and as you expand on the information you capture. The attributes and reporting mechanisms can easily be tailored to your specific business needs if desired without any programming effort. Additional fields or attributes required can be defined in a few simple steps. Or simply use the setups we provide to immediately see the value of your investment.

To request for a download trial version of Aegis Help Desk or Aegis Defect Tracking please click here. Note that asset management capabilities are available with Aegis Help Desk only. Our Aegis product portfolio serves companies in telecommunications, banking, healthcare, insurance, automotive, retail industries and more with efficient customer care and post sales support solutions.

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