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Aegis Help Desk Help desk, incident and response tracking, and asset management product suite. Aegis Help Desk will automate many of the administrative and communication tasks associated with providing customer or information technology (IT) support. From customizable workflow behaviors that operate from trigger events that our customers define, to capabilities like attaching external documents of multiple formats, Aegis Help Desk will create detailed tracking of important events. More >>

Aegis Defect Tracking A complete incident and response tracking system, suitable for organizations that track problems, product changes, client requests or enhancements. Companies with product development initiatives will find Aegis Defect Tracking helpful to help meet stringent requirements for documenting product modifications. Use it to ensure that defects are out and increase the quality of your products. More >>

Aegis Client Management A client relationship management system, where you can readily store and distribute customer and sales information internally to manage prospected opportunities. Use Aegis Client Management to also find out how sales and marketing efforts are spent, to ensure valuable marketing resources are expended optimally. More >>

Aegis E-mail Server
Add-On Module
Enables the logging calls via e-mail. An unlimited number of templates can be created to parse e-mails received, and to specify which fields of a record to be updated with the contents of the e-mail. An automatic acknowledgment can be issued to the sender.

Aegis Escalation
Add-On Module
Enables the escalation of an incident if it is not closed for a specified interval or if the last response has passed a specified interval. Escalation can occur based on Client, Call Type, Severity, Priority and any field with a list box attached to it. Exception conditions can be specified for excluding incidents from being escalated, or indicating fields to be updated. The escalation event can be set to notify selected users when an incident has been escalated.

Aegis Report Scheduler
Add-On Module
Schedules the generation of reports at pre-determined intervals. The reports can be configured to be sent to a printer, file, or as an e-mail. This e-mail feature is useful for automatically generating weekly or monthly status reports to be sent to selected individuals.

Aegis System Alerts
Add-On Module
Enables selected users or external clients to receive a broadcast message based on filters (conditions being true). A custom message can be automatically created with extracted values from the records, or appended as details to the custom message.

Aegis Workstation Audit
Add-On Module
Automatic audit of nominated workstations for hardware components, operating systems, software installed. Reports of audit statistics are provided, for example: how many workstations are running Windows 2000, Windows NT, how many workstations are Pentium PCs, percentage of authorized and unauthorized software.

Aegis Database Monitor
Add-On Module
Monitors the database for new incidents, closed incidents and responses in the last N minutes.


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