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Full client management system. Store and share all your customer and sales information in one central location. Never lose a contact detail or opportunity again. Turn opportunities into sales!

With Aegis Client Management your firm can manage client information and client relationships - tracking leads effectively. This integrated view maximizes your staffing resources by providing a shared repository of opportunity pipelines and qualified leads. Features such as broadcast messages makes it possible to keep customers informed of product updates, fixes and new releases.



Aegis Client Management offers you the option to create an unlimited number of contacts for each client. The storage and integrated view of client information enables you to create many functional views of the information.

  • Easily generate phone list, mailing list, e-mail list, contact list and any other list from your client database.
  • Record client activities/correspondences.
  • Record client feedback.
  • Create Client invoices and quotations. Automatically convert a quote to an invoice.
  • Record offers made to clients.
  • Record products purchased by clients.
  • Record sales opportunities.

Broadcast messages via e-mail to your clients or internal users. You can also merge data from your database to create a personalized message. You can also include attachments in the e-mail.

  • Quickly and easily notify your clients via e-mail of new products or fixes for your existing products without the time consuming task of sending out letters.
  • Broadcast message to clients on a special offer.

Use filters, views and sort fields to show you the records you want to see in the form you need to see it in.

  • Filters are a powerful facility that allows you to do exactly that – a filtering of database information to view selected records only. As you add records and your database becomes bigger, it becomes more difficult to locate the records you are interested in. For example, you may want to look at only calls that have not been allocated to the development teams for resolution, or enhancements requested by your clients, or all clients in a given country.
  • Filters can also be used in reports, graphs, import, export, broadcast message and mail merge operation.
  • Views allow you to select specific fields to be displayed on the grid on the main window. You can also attach a filter, sort fields and cell style to a view.
  • User defined sort fields allow you to sort your records by more than one field. For example, you can sort your records by Reference # in ascending order, followed by Status in descending order and Call Type in ascending order.
  • Cell style allows you to highlight records based on the value of a field. For example, if Priority is Low, set the color to green, if High, set it to red.

Use the program as supplied or change it to work your way. Set up your own databases, the way you want them. Change your view of information, define field names and attributes, attach a list box to a field and use the form designer to design your own window – you name it. Each field is fully configurable.

  • Form designer. Hide fields you don't need, move fields around by dragging and dropping them to a new position and specifying the tab order of each fields.
  • Configurable field properties let you define field names, compulsory fields, attach list boxes (look up) to fields and provide default values.
  • Incident and asset number can be generated or user defined. If you select to have the reference number generated, you can specify the parts that make up the reference number to suite your needs.

The following optional add-ons are available for Aegis Client Management:

  • System Alerts

See information about Aegis Add-On Modules here.


  • Interface to external e-mail systems
  • FAQ
  • Full security control
  • Record templates, auto complete and populate options for quick and accurate data entry
  • Unlimited number of databases
  • Data import and export
  • Group update and delete
  • Configurable audit history
  • Create unlimited user groups
  • Full security
  • Option to change colors used for grid, headings, scroll buttons, compulsary fields, list bars, contact fields and more
  • Option to change field names, hide and rename folders
  • Option to create list boxes and list box values, and add these list boxes to almost any field
  • Mail merge with Word documents
  • Define your own list boxes and values (lookups)
  • Product inventory
  • Track competitors
  • Track cost centers, custodians, locations, manufacturers, service providers and suppliers
  • Track staff training history
  • Record staff’s internal and external charge rates for costing
  • Reminders to remind you of due dates or other important dates
  • Copy record to clipboard
  • Network ready for multi-user environment
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